The Valdivia International Film Festival is possible thanks to the combined efforts of a number of organizations committed to guaranteeing equal access to culture, to the promotion of creative industries and to country decentralization.

These organizations make up an unprecedented platform in the country, where the academic and private worlds converge with the public sector and civil society.


Universidad Austral de Chile

Universidad Austral de Chile has been behind the organization of the Valdivia International Film Festival since its birth in 1994, when it emerged as an initiative under the auspices of the university Cinema Club.

Universidad Austral’s support of the arts has remained unwavering throughout her 63-year history, and her efforts to link the academic community with the regional social fabric are manifested in her uninterrupted commitment with the festival’s development and continuity.

Born in 1954 as a response to the need for an institution that provides quality university education in southern Chile, UACh puts in practice one of her main mandates, through FICValdivia operation: to contribute to the decentralization of cultural and economic activities in the country.

Universidad Austral Chancellor is Dr. Oscar Galindo.


Valdivia Cultural Center for Film Promotion (CPCV)

Since 2006, the Valdivia Cultural Center for Film Promotion has been in charge of producing, organizing and executing the Valdivia International Film Festival.

Founded in 2002, CPCV was born as a non-profit community organization whose focus is the development and promotion of audiovisual arts, generating different citizen spaces to broaden the vision for cultural and creative development in Los Ríos Region.

Created with the objective of becoming an administration platform for FICValdivia, over the years CPCV has consolidated as the premier organization for film promotion in Los Ríos Region, articulating the different players in the sector, contributing to cultural decentralization, audience development and the promotion of cinema and the creative industries.

The CPCV Board of Directors is presided by Mr. Juan Quintana.


The Great City of Valdivia

The support of the Great City of Valdivia has been fundamental in integrating FICValdivia with the community.

A navigable river community, renowned for her rich culture, heritage and natural beauty, Valdivia has shown, through her main administrative entity, a permanent commitment to develop FICValdivia, understanding that, to accomplish a better quality of life and to promote equality of opportunities, it is fundamental to guarantee increased access to culture

The Great City of Valdivia has become a reference point in southern Chile. City Hall, her inhabitants and FICValdivia have transformed the city into the Chilean cinema capital, opening her doors to the regional community, together with Chilean and foreign visitors that congregate each year, to enjoy the best on the leading edge of the audiovisual arts.

The Mayor of the Great City of Valdivia is Mr. Omar Sabat.


Los Ríos Regional Government

The Los Ríos Regional Government is the public organization in charge of the overall management of the region, with an aim on the social, cultural and economic development of Los Ríos, in accordance with the principles of participation, equality, territorial integration and sustainability.

Its objective is to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of its inhabitants, by formulating and implementing instruments for planning, coordinating and managing public investment. Under these guidelines, it maintains its support of the Valdivia International Film Festival, thus seeking to contribute to the community and to safeguard territorial integration, guaranteeing the access to culture and to quality artistic expressions, promoting the cultural diversity that characterizes the region, and endorsing the creativity that emerges from the territory and its inhabitants, with an eye on the future.

The current Intendant of Los Ríos Region is Mr. Ricardo Millán.



The Los Ríos Corporation for Regional Development is a trade organization of regional entrepreneurs that represents the private sector in Los Ríos, seeking to collaborate with the public sector to achieve sustainable progress standards in economic, social and environmental terms.

CODEPROVAL brings together companies, institutions, trade unions, universities and people who have defined as part of their endeavors to create optimal conditions to aid in the solidification of emerging industries, and to guarantee their constant promotion and improvement. In this context, the corporation has decidedly supported the creative industries in the region, particularly the Valdivia International Film Festival.

The current President of CODEPROVAL is Mr. Pablo Hoffmann.


National Council for Culture and the Arts (CNCA)

The National Council for Culture and the Arts is the state organism in charge of implementing public policy for a cultural development that is harmonious, pluralistic and egalitarian among the inhabitants of the country.

Since its creation, in 2003, it has adopted initiatives tending to promote and raise awareness about national artistic creation, to preserve, promote and circulate Chilean cultural heritage, and to stimulate the active participation of citizens in the achievement of these goals.

In order to reach these objectives, and with the conviction that FICValdivia is an organization that significantly contributes to the development, access and promotion of the audiovisual sector in the country, likewise advancing the cultural and political debate, and promoting access to culture as a social right, CNCA has decidedly supported the festival for over a decade.

The Minister of Culture is Mr. Ernesto Ottone.