FICValdivia understands cinema as a collective phenomenon that takes place in front of a big screen, connecting spectators with authors, and from where topics arise that transcend artistic expression and permeate society. For this reason, it has permanently favored an avant-garde program that, being ahead of its time, offers a collection of the movies-to-come, as well as combining cinema with other disciplines and experiences.

FICValdivia has a marked and unyielding commitment with its environment, both social and natural. Since its inception, it has built bridges to the community, with the intention of becoming a vector that contributes to the portrayal of diversity, putting at its core the promotion of current political and social topics and issues, such as gender equality, sexual diversity, segregation, access to education, environmental protection and the demands of native peoples.

FICValdivia is inseparable from the city of Valdivia; it does not exist without her, and without the participation of her citizens. For this reason, through the CPCV and across the 12 municipalities of Los Ríos Region, it develops initiatives throughout the year: audience development activities, film appreciation courses, and cinema workshops for the school-age public. These operations have allowed hundreds of children, teens and adults to approach to the cinematographic experience.

FICValdivia history is interwoven with the history of political and social empowerment in Valdivia, and the recognition and formation of Los Ríos Region in 2007. In this context, the FICValdivia project and its positioning as the most important festival in Chilean film industry constitute a decided step toward the decentralization of cultural and economic activity in Chile.

FICValdivia believes in having an impact on the Chilean cultural panorama as a whole, promoting the penetration of new ideas, topics, authors and movies in regular cinema circuits. For this reason, in an effort aimed at driving film circulation, it will continue promoting association between diverse industry players and strengthening the ways in which they approach the society from which they spring, and to which their creations are directed.