The Valdivia International Film Festival has become the premier meeting point for directors, producers, distributors and other agents of the Chilean film industry, a space for the exchange of ideas, the generation of partnerships and to establish ties with renowned international guests.

Since 2009, AUSTRALAB, the Austral Cinema Lab, has promoted actions directed to production, development and circulation of cinematographic pieces. This year, it will offer two interesting modules: 3 Puertos Cine and Valdivia-Locarno Industry Academy.

To this successful and validated initiative, in this edition of FICValdivia, we are adding an activity especially directed to strengthening the vocation the festival has maintained throughout its history, to be at the forefront, in a constant state of anticipation. This new industry instance, aimed at films that have not been finished yet, is called Cine Chileno del Futuro (Future Chilean Cinema).

FICValdivia is constantly examining sector trends to have a consistent and active impact in the generation of indispensable links in the cinematographic production and circulation chain. We hope that progressively more filmmakers, producers, distributors and pictures take advantage of these activities, finding their place within the industry.