The Valdivia International Film Festival, in alliance with CinemaChile and Film Commission Chile, invites national producers and directors to participate in Cine Chileno del Futuro, a brand new instance in the Industry section at FICValdivia, for Chilean projects that are approaching completion.

Cince Chileno del Futuro has the objective of contributing to the internationalization of Chilean cinema, presenting future national films to professionals in the area of international cinematographic circulation, allowing filmmakers and producers to generate partnerships and agreements to finalize their projects and secure them future circulation.

Who can participate and How to do it

Participation is open to films whose production is mostly Chilean, directed by national authors and filmed in Chilean territory. The movies must be in an advanced stage of editing.
Directors and producers interested in participating in Cine Chileno del Futuro must fill out the application form. Part of the requirements is to furnish a link to view the complete cut, plus a representative sequence in the film that cannot last more than 12 minutes. This sequence has to be indicated in the form by its beginning and ending time-codes.
A team of professionals convened by FICValdivia will be in charge of selecting the projects that will participate in Cine Chileno del Futuro.

More information:

Cine Chileno del Futuro at FICValdivia 2017

During October 11 and 12, 2017, extracts of no more that 12 minutes, with English subtitles, representative of each selected project participating in Cine Chileno del Futuro, will screen at a movie house, before an audience of film circulation professionals (distributors, programmers and directors of prestigious international festivals).

It is required that the director or producer of each participating team presents the project.

The screening of the selected works will be complemented by bilateral meetings between the project representatives and industry professionals, tending to seek alliances and agreements for the future circulation of the films.


Directors and producers interested in participating in Cine Chileno del Futuro will have to submit the application form before September 1, at 8pm.
The results will be announced before September 14.


Film Commission Chile will make it possible for the projects to screen before a jury panel composed of three renowned international industry professionals, and CinemaChile will provide an award consisting in a grant for the film producer to attend the Rotterdam Lab 2018, including airfare, lodging and membership.

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