AUSTRALAB, the Austral Cinema Lab, is the cinema industry platform associated with the longest-running festival in Chile. Since 2009, in accordance with the state of the audiovisual sector and its current needs, in its different editions, it has contemplated coproduction meetings, work in progress, project development modules, specialized workshops for distributors, exhibitors and producers, among other activities.

In recent years, it has aimed its actions mainly at industry development in the areas of circulation (distribution, exhibition and internationalization), and at generating advances in education and development of audiences.

AUSTRALAB is conceived as a platform that evolves in alignment with a permanent diagnostic of the state of the sector.

The Latest

This year, in collaboration with the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival, AUSTRALAB will carry out the activity Valdivia – Locarno Industry Academy International for the first time. Directed at young industry professionals in the areas of sales, marketing, online and traditional distribution, exhibition and programming, the objective of the academy is to prepare them for the current challenges in national and international independent film industry, and to build bridges across different markets in Europe, North and Latin America.

This first edition of the Valdivia – Locarno Industry Academy will take place on October 11-13.

On the other hand, for the first time as well, although in continuation of the work carried out with exhibitors across the nation in its last three editions, this year AUSTRALAB will host a meeting and workshop aimed at Festival professionals from around the country. This Meeting will take place on October 11 and 12.

Finally, for the third consecutive year, the 3 Puertos Cine workshop will be held for the development of projects, with a select group of tutors, in an important alliance with Mexico, reason why this workshop has two sessions. The Valdivia session is the first, and takes place right before the festival, between October 5 and 9; the Mexico session is held in March 2018.

More information:

The call to participate in the first edition of the Valdivia-Locarno Industry Academy International will remain open until Friday, September 8. The selected participants will be announced on Wednesday, September 20.

Regulations and application form for Valdivia – Locarno Industry Academy International